Things To Do In Singapore! Dine In @5 Best Restaurants In Marina Bay

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Gallerie Food Court @ Marina Square, Singapore.

Things To Do In Singapore? Then Marina Bay is one of the most attractive places for tourists. To deal with a heavy rush on this Central Area of Singapore, a lot of top-notch restaurants are also available there. All of them have different local and international dishes included on their menu card. Besides, in any one of these 80+ restaurants, you can enjoy leisure hours with various luxurious things to do along with nightlife events.

To help you shorten the long list of restaurants in Marina Bay, we’ve come up with the top 5 in this article.

1. Cut by Wolfgang Puck

Reputed as the best steak restaurant in Singapore, the CUT By Wolfgang Puck offers the top of the line Hokkaido Snow beef. While tasting this amazingly flavored ultra-rare variety of beef, don’t’ forget to taste other dishes like Australian grain-fed Angus, American prime steaks, Japanese Wagyu beef and Snake River Farm Angus ‘Kobe style’ beef. Their mouthwatering dishes aren’t restricted to the steaks, though. You can also expect tasty starter, seafood, vegetable and game-based mains. The CUT By Wolfgang Puck believes that their guests don’t have any problem with the budget, we encourage you to have your pocket weighty whenever you plan to visit there. But note that, with expensive dishes come great taste.

tourism, travel, vacation, resort, hotels, holiday, things to do
Cut By Wolfgang Puck Restaurant, Marina Bay, Singapore.

2. Waku Ghin

Variety runs from room to room in Waku Ghin. With different flavored food items on the menu, this crucially acknowledged restaurant will charm your taste buds. Chef Tetsuya Wakuda is behind this masterpiece idea. Apart from delicious fresh Japanese cuisine, the best you can expect here includes caviar lounge and sake bar. And since no royalty completes without drinking wine, you can opt for any one of its vast collection of 3,000-bottle wine. The exact location of Waku Ghin is near Marina Bay Sands (Level 2) – Bayfront MRT.

tourism, travel, vacation, resort, hotels, holiday, things to do
Waku Ghin Restaurant, Marina Bay, Singapore.

3. Makansutra Gluttons Bay

Having a tight budget, but can’t sacrifice the urge to taste the savory Singapore street food? Then you’re most welcome to the Makansutra Gluttons Bay. it’s not a single restaurant, but a combination of many push-carts and food vendors. Order any of these items – satay chicken, fried oyster omelet or Laksa and you’ll keep coming here again and again. While their dishes have unforgettable taste, you can’t resist watching the beautiful surroundings while sipping from the glass of your cold beer. Fruit shake just gives another natural sensation while adoring the shiny modern backdrop of the Marina skyline.

tourism, travel, vacation, resort, hotels, holiday, things to do
Makansutra Gluttons Bay Restaurant, Esplanade Mall, Singapore.

4. Melt – The World Cafe at the Mandarin Oriental

Melt draws a lot of visitors who travel to Singapore attention from the beginning of its journey by presenting a wide collection of foods representing different parts of the world. Its location is another reason why it’s getting so much appreciation from the guests. Especially newcomers to the Marina Bay appreciate its walking distance and they can’t help reach here from Promenade MRT on Raffles Avenue. Starting from Japanese sashimi, barbequed meat, and Thai curries to steak, seafood, and Chinese delicacies, you will be offered bunches of options. While filling your tummy with such amazing dishes, you’ll have a peace of mind that the lunch buffet costs about $65 only on a regular day. On weekends, you may need to pay considerably more, though.

tourism, travel, vacation, resort, hotels, holiday, things to do
Melt, The World Cafe @ Mandarin Oriental, Singapore.

5. Gallerie Food Court @ Marina Square

The feeling of enjoying the outlandish view over the Marina Bay and CBD skyline in the background while relishing your favorite food item is rare these days and when it comes to Singapore, the thought of spending a huge lump of bucks is common. Situated on the 4th floor of Marina Square, Galleria not only offers a splendid dreamlike scenario but is ready to serve numerous food items. Along with the local dishes, you’re going to enjoy Thai, Malaysian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and European food to make your evening memorable.

tourism, travel, vacation, resort, hotels, holiday, things to do
Gallerie Food Court @ Marina Square, Singapore.


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