The World’s Busiest Airport For All Airlines? It’s Atlanta, Yet Again!

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Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, USA.

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has consecutively been holding the title of the “World’s Busiest Airport” for last two decades for all airlines and their passenger, and since it has continued carrying the highest number of passengers among the whole airports existing in the world in 2017, it’s nearly confirmed that the title isn’t going anywhere this time as well for any airlines.

The reason behind such assurance of continuance of the title is the preliminary result, which hardly contradicts the final one.

On the second position, we see Beijing Capital and the third place is held by Dubai. Gazing at the somewhat lower ranked, we find Tokyo Haneda and then Los Angeles. Capable of holding around 4.5 million passengers, Chicago O’Hare is already entitled as the second-busiest airport in the USA, while on the world ranking, it has got the 6th position.

The introduction and active performance of the Indian and Chinese airports have made some drastic changes in the ranking of U.S. airports, especially in New York. The New York JFK lost its previous 16th position, even worse, now it’s not counted among global top 20 either.

On the other hand, Atlanta never loses its top rank, while hosting 100+ million passengers and 1 million flights from almost maximum airlines around the world for 3 years in a row. The best part? Atlanta was the first to break the record of carrying the highest number of passengers, totaling 101.5 million.


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