Choose Air Algerie For Your Next Vacation To Algeria

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Air Algerie, Algeria.

Algeria has stepped up its game for tourism and travel for people around the world. Many people both within and outside of Algeria like to spend their vacation in this diverse nation. The Air Algerie is one of the greatest airlines of the country.

The airline also offers cheap tickets and special offers from time to time for tourists who travel to Algeria for vacation.

Air Algerie airline is the national airlines of Algeria and its headquarter is located in Immeuble El-Djazair in Algiers. The history of the airline goes back to many years. The inception of Air Algerie actually happened way before the country’s independence. Though the name was not Air Algerie at that time, and the majority of company assets belonged to France. Things changed when the country gained its freedom in 1962. By the year 1963, the financial status of the airline changed when Air France receded to owning 31% interest and the Government of Algeria took hold of 51% of the company assets. With time, Air Algerie increased the number of destinations it flies to. Today, the airline travels to 75 destinations over 4 continents including 32 domestic destinations, making it one of the best airlines of the country.

Their fleet consists of 56 modern aircraft that have an average longevity of eleven years. All the aircraft meet the international standard of safety and security and are regularly checked. They have eight A330-202 airplanes that have a capacity of 263 passengers each. The B737-800, B737-700, B737-600 and ATR.72-212 A have the capacity of 25, 2, 5, 15 passengers respectively. The HERCULE L 100-30 has the capacity to contain 20 tons of weight. Air Algerie will step up their game even more in the future as they plan to add more modern aircraft to their fleet.

Besides that, their new ergonomic seats will provide passengers more space and comfort while they fly. They will also be given a comfort kit consisting of a blanket, pillow, headset etc. in their long-haul flights including in-flight entertainment opportunities. Baggage allowance is offered in all of their cheap flights depending on the type of ticket you bought. Additional charges apply for baggage that exceeds their given weight limit. You can check their website to contact them or learn more about their airfare.

Air Algerie is the perfect package if you’re looking to travel to Algeria. This national airline is also keeping up with the demand of tourism by providing high standard facilities to its passengers. They offer special offers to different destinations throughout the year that will help you to save some money. All in all, it is safe to say that Air Algerie is not only the national airline of Algeria but also the greatest one and with its fast pace development, it will soon be an international favorite as well.


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